Spirit Rising Retreat

For Women

Baviaanskloof, South Africa

15-17 Sep 2017
10-12 Nov 2017

Spirit Rising Retreat

For Women

Baviaanskloof, South Africa

15-17 Sep 2017
10-12 Nov 2017

Spirit Rising Retreats

Retreats by women for women emerging into their Full Essence

Drink deep from your well of Inner  Wisdom and Tranquility
Peace and quiet
Meditation and Labyrinth Processes
Nurturing of Body and Spirit
Connecting with your Inner Breath
Rest in nature and gentle spaces

A weekend away amidst magnificent mountains and valleys of the Cedar Falls Base Camp nestled in the beautiful Baviaanskloof nature reserve. 

Allow yourself to be guided through a series of gentle processes and meditations designed to bring you into a space of peace and self-compassion and love. The whole weekend is designed to allow you to drop into a deep sense of tranquility and peace while enjoying time out and having fun.

This retreat weekend is designed by women for women – a space to reconnect to your Soul Space and be supported and loved while doing so.

Be deliciously fed, loved, nurtured, supported, have body work, stretch, sleep, rest in undisturbed peace and tranquility, laugh, explore, walk in nature and reconnect.

What you can expect:
Access to nature
Peace and quiet
Labyrinth processes
Gentle guided meditations
Creative guided processes for your next steps – where to from here? Become clearer on your dreams
Stress releasing exercises
Gentle Body Celebration sessions – stretches and poses to revitalize and rejuvenate and relax
Delicious, simple vegetarian meals

Spaces are limited so book early.

Contact Jeanne to reserve your place : 083 692 2970 or email jeanne@jeannebooth.com

10-12 November 2017

R1800 pp  – all inclusive – 2 nights shared accommodation, food and facilitation
R2200 pp  – all inclusive – 2 nights single accommodation, food and facilitation.

Spirit Rising Retreats for Women

Your Eco-Retreat Venue, Baviaanskloof, South Africa


At the base of the red cliffs of the Baviaanskloof and with a beautiful view down the Cedar Valley, Cedar Tourism has created a haven of tranquility.  The slightly earthy and simple accommodation provides a quiet and calm refuge amongst the rugged terrain of the kloof.


3 days of being nurtured in one of the most beautiful places on earth.



Jeanne connects people to their Inner Selves in ways that leave her clients and workshop attendees deeply moved and inspired.

Fondly known as the Energy Doula, this name honours her compassion and deep transformational work that effectively supports you with going within and gently and safely rebirthing lost parts of your Inner Self.

Added to her extensive experience, her natural deep compassion and true unconditional acceptance of whomever she works with paves the way not only for true magic but also for long-lasting personal transformation.

“When you live from true integration of your body, mind and spirit, you can achieve miracles.”