The Gathering Retreat Philosophy

 Exquisite Beauty – Incredible Peace – Deep Transformation – Infinite Possibilities

“The way to really change your life isn’t the next job or the next partner or the next diet.
The way to change your life is to change you, on the inside.
As within, so without.
It starts with you.”

Whether you want more energy, to (re)discover your true passion, refocus your life, believe in yourself more, let go of the past or just get away from the rush of a busy world, the Gathering is the opportunity to take time out, reflect deeply, be skillfully and lovingly facilitated and supported, and to be inspired to connect with your own greatness.


Most people think that they cannot do what they’d really love to do because it’s too late, they don’t have the time, or the money, or the experience, or the right qualifications. Most people also think that somehow, “some day” things will be better, as if by magic; they could be right…it’s just that for most people, “some day” never comes.

You already have everything you need inside of you (and you know it); we’ll help you connect with it.

You are unique; there is no 'one size fits all'. Through multiple private sessions with each of the facilitators, skillful facilitation and a programme that is shaped by what you bring to it, The Gathering is all about you, your life, and what you want from it. Be nourished and nurtured from the moment you arrive until long after you leave.


Very few people are truly delighted with the precious gift called ‘life’; most seem to be doing the best they can to get by, day by day.

So many people, even if they are successful, aren’t fulfilled – because their vehicle of success (being a lawyer, or a labourer) doesn’t make their heart sing; maybe it never did, or maybe they just outgrew it.  Even those who’s lives are ‘on track’, rarely stop to ask “Whose tracks are they?”  Often these are the tracks chosen for them by someone else, by circumstances or by themselves 20, 30 or 40 years ago.

“Living in a world where it’s easy to get caught up in the demands of family and work, it’s hard to ask the hardest question – and possibly the most important one of all:

‘Am I expressing myself in the world in the way that I want to?'”

If you aren’t (expressing yourself in the way that you want to), chances are you’re stressed, in a state of despair or depression, an addict, on medication – or all of the above.  You may have told yourself that you’ll change things one day (when the kids are out of the house, when you get a partner or when you get that pay-rise) – but for most people ‘one day’ never comes.


We, the co-creators of The Gathering, believe:

  • That you are already whole and complete and that there is nothing about you that needs ‘fixing’.
  • That, if through life experiences you’ve become disconnected to the true power of your true self, with the right tools you can release the blocks that are preventing you from connecting and identifying with your authentic, powerful self.
  • That there is a way of self-expression for you that, when you find it, will light you up in a way that nothing else does.
  • That you already have everything inside of you that you need to find, and live this way of expression.
  • That the way to find it is to get away from noise and business and responsibilities and radio and tv and cell-phones and newspapers and junk food and microwaves and husbands and wives and partners and pets and children and bosses and martyrdom … in other words, to say “I am important, my life is important, and I’m taking a week for myself.”
  • That the most useful and most powerful answers come from you, and that these answers are accessed by being in the right environment, by deep listening and by skillful facilitation.

We also believe in

  • dreaming big (including the apparent ‘impossible’) and supporting those dreams with collaboration and taking action in the world.
  • the creative power of community, connection and collaboration. “She who walks alone, walks fast. She who walks together, walks far.”   

And we believe that you are the only one that can make the journey and that, when you are ready, you will.



…is a solitary journey, shared by others; even couples who have attended together and tell us that their relationships deepened as a result, agree that it’s very much a journey within.

It’s not so much a gathering of people as it is a gathering into yourself and your awareness of all parts of you, including those parts of you that are in shadow, i.e. those parts that you hide, repress or deny.

To give you an idea of what we mean by ‘parts’ of you, imagine:

  • that little boy or girl inside you that learnt through an unskillful comment of a parent that there was something wrong them, and have now become the voice inside you that tells you the same thing
  • the part of you that already knows that your current relationship, or job, or way of eating isn’t working for you
  • the part of you that, every time you dream big, tells you that it will never happen, that you don’t know enough, and that that’s only possible for other people
  • the parts of you that are still carrying unresolved disappointment, betrayal and trauma of yesteryear

There are also other, golden, parts of you that you will get to integrate into your way of living during the Gathering

  • the part of you that loves dreaming and that knows that anything is possible
  • the part of you that totally and utterly believes in you and knows without any question of a doubt that you are beautiful, good enough and lovable
  • the part of you that gets things done and implements your plans
  • the parts of you that are generous, and kind, and creative, and funny – and more

The Gathering Environment

The Gathering promises to be challenging, supportive, inspiring, fun, nurturing, private and introspective. It’s not a boot-camp (remember ‘nourish and nurture’); all activities – of which there are many – are optional, AND – we recommend that you engage with them all; they have all be carefully chosen or created to help you connect with another piece of your puzzle.

If it all seems a bit austere – far from it.  There are laughs aplenty … as we effortlessly mix the profound with the profane, have fun, and remind each other that healing doesn’t always have to be a serious business and that laughter is, after all, deeply healing.

The accommodation varies from location to location.  Sometimes rustic, plain and down-to-earth, sometimes plush – always surrounded by the exquisite and nurturing presence of nature.  You’ll be nourished by wholesome food, have the option to detox, get to enjoy rest and experience peace and quiet.  There will be times of silence to help you listen deeply to the only place that really matters (inside) and integrate the changes, labyrinth walks where possible, group facilitated sessions, meditation, body work, massage and stress-release sessions, multiple private sessions with the facilitators, bonfires, evening entertainment, laughter and a really good break from all that ‘stuff’ of busy life.

Over the week you will be supported by and connect with your fellow Gatherers in a profound way; always respecting your pace and your space, we, the facilitators, will be there 24/7 to help you dig deeper to find your next step to your next breakthrough.

Included in this Exclusive retreat:

  • Daily facilitated group sessions
  • Multiple (usually 6) private sessions with the lead facilitators
  • 2 x 1-hour massage sessions
  • Nourishing vegetarian, vegan or wheat-free meals,
  • freshly prepared juices, smoothies and other surprises
  • optional 6-day detox
  • labyrinth, nature walks and swimming where possible
  • guided meditation sessions
  • body celebration sessions
  • stress release sessions
  • evening entertainment
  • laughter, connection, rest, peace and quiet
  • 3 x group calls after the retreat to support you with integration
  • additional members resources and forum

Participants tell us that the benefits of attending the Gathering are many and include:

  • a much deeper understanding of yourself, your patterns and your passions
  • a deeper belief in yourself, in your inherent goodness, and that you are good enough (for whomever and whatever!)
  • a deeper connection with your creative power
  • absolute clarity about the road ahead and the courage to have those long overdue and difficult conversations (that inevitably turn out to be easy ones)
  • a sense of peace and acceptance – for yourself and others
  • more connected and meaningful relationships with partners, parents, children and others
  • a lighter and healthier (detoxed) body and a better quality of sleep
  • a wider opening to infinite possibilities
  • strong friendships and collaboration between participants
  • a different, more connected, awake and aware way of living
  • actualising your life-dreams (even the ones you had forgotten about) in ‘real life’
  • practical and effective self-help tools to help with decision making, to resolve inner conflict, and to help you through the tides of life (they happen to all of us)
  • fabulous mind/body techniques for meditation, body celebration and to de-stress
  • a kinder, more loving, connected and powerful relationship with yourself

Hear it from them….

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“In the end, it probably comes down to one thing and one thing only.

During The Gathering you get to choose (again and again and again) to stop playing a small game in life – the one that’s killing you softly.

You get to choose (again and again and again) to truly take responsibility for your life by connecting with your true, authentic, powerful, lovable, beautiful creative self.

And you get to choose (again and again and again) to finding and allowing a way of self-expression that delights not only your soul, but everyone around you.”